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Vertex provides expertise and skilled outsourcing services in the UK and abroad designed to increase your level of productivity, quality, business value, business performance and much more.
In recent times more and more companies are realising the benefits of moving non-core business processes out to third party specialists. We understand that outsourcing represents a special type of partnership, one where our partners entrust us with responsibility for significant parts of their regular operations. Experience has also shown that managing structural changes brought about by the decision to outsource is a service that our partners value highly.
Vertex with its expertise in SAP is an ideal partner for providing specialist services in the areas of:
The ideal candidate must have following attributes:







SAP Portal (ESS and MSS)

SAP ABAP (Development)

SAP Basis

SAP Security

SAP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance)

We provide tailored outsourcing services to our partners which include: Risk Assessment:

Advise our partners on implementing best outsourcing practices that minimise business risks without compromising their strategic position in the market

Business Value:

Identify non-core business processes for outsourcing with solutions to improve business results and deliver efficiency

Project Management:

Assist our partners to plan and implement the successful transition to an outsourced solution platform in every step from problem scoping to service introduction.

Business Support:

Provide our partners with constant support during and after service introduction to ensure successful integration and functioning of outsourced solution

Personnel Training:

Prepare, organise and deliver training to our partner’s employees. To reap in the benefits of SAP outsourcing, whether migrating to new SAP platform or to obtain expert support for existing SAP operations, allow VERTEX to provide access to high quality services at a cost-effective price.

Implementation & Migration

Whether you are implementing SAP for the first time or adding additional modules to your existing SAP infrastructure, VERTEX are ready to assist you at every step of process and delivery. We have considerable experience and a successful history of designing, developing and deploying high-performance SAP solutions for our clients and partners.

Our Implementation and Migration service provides: Requirements Gathering (Business Blueprint): Make extensive use of tried and tested global and local templates to arrive at a clear definition of detailed business requirements in optimum time.

Gap Analysis:

Evaluating existing SAP system to identify potential improvements that enhance performance and productivity of current and future business requirements Identify how well the business requirements can be met by existing systems and to suggest methods to overcome deficiencies

High Performance Deliverables:

Take full responsibility for all phases of system implementation and migration which include problem scoping, detail design, build/development and testing.

System Integration:

Deploy the newly built system and services in to current business operations with minimum business productivity disruptions. Training business end-users and providing support during and after go-live phase.

Project Management:

Vertex will take complete responsibility for the implementation and migration using a combination of their own and partner’s resources.

Change Management:

Define set of processes that can be implemented to ensure changes in business operations are integrated in a controlled and systematic approach across impacted business divisions.

For successful implementation or migration to SAP solutions, Vertex is the ideal partner.


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